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Curriculum Overview


cirriculumGoal 1: To promote Spiritual Development. In our programs, children grow in healthy relationships, within limits, and between himself, his peers, and his family, his peers and his community. We believe these connections represent for a child a sense of a loving, happy and supportive environment. We encourage and promote justice, care, respect, and love between all ages of people on our campus. We sing Family School grace before the lunch meal.

Goal 2: To promote Social/Emotional Development. We seek to help a child identify and express his/her feelings appropriately so that emotional growth may flourish within a sense of personal safety. We teach children to appropriately express their needs and desires so that we may help them meet their needs. These skills in clear communication allow a child to negotiate for successful play and healthy development across their life time.

Goal 3: To promote Physical Development. We seek to support a child's physical health by offering robust exercise, sufficient nourishment, rest and a sense of well-being. At each age of development we teach a child about his/her own body, how it functions and how to maintain it in good health.

Goal 4: To promote Academic Development. We seek to develop specific academic skills within four broad concepts shaped for age appropriate and individualized learning:

  • Space and Time (mathematics)
  • Symbolization (languages)
  • Energy transfer (physics and science)
  • Creativity (fine arts, music, the performing arts)

Our classroom materials are based on the exploration of these concepts.








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