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All of you have made a difference in a little boys life. 

A Grateful Mom with three years at Family School


The characteristics of leadership, humility, friendship, kindness, nurturing, listening were honed at the Family School. I am eternally grateful that my boys have this foundation.  They have a better chance of being compassionate leaders and better human beings because of their time spent on this sacred ground. 

A Grateful Mom of Three Sons


We have no doubt that our son will be safe and successful in public school, thanks to the love, care, and great teaching he has received from the Family School. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts,

A Family of Five


Thanks so much for your love, care, and support of our entire clan, especially our most precious two. We honor you for all you do. 

Two Moms and Two Sons


With heartfelt appreciation thank you for making our difficult journey warm, nurtured, and sparkled with caring and joy. 

A Grandmother raising her grand kids


Thank you for creating such a fabulous place for my children. I am filled with wonder and pride.

A Teacher Mom


My inquisitive daughters are bright, curious, engaging, learners, musicians, artists and thinkers. Their five early learning years at the Family School has set each of them up for success in every area of their lives. They have made treasured friends that will last their lifetime. I am well beyond grateful,

A Dedicated Dad


The difference in my son from the time he began at this school two years ago brings goose bumps to my arms. He is now masterful rather than shy, outspoken rather than quiet, and an eager, participating learner.

A Successful Mom


Why should kids go to Family School?  Just listen to this; all of the children in my class who went to Family School qualify for enrichment in third grade.  Nobody else in the class does!

A third grade alumna







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